Data Analytics with Zero Latency and High Precision?

Everyone is “doing analytics” these days Data Analytics is an IT buzzword. Hundreds of paradigms and solutions: change-data-capture, ETL, ELT, ingestion, staging, OLAP, data streaming, map/reduce, stream processing, data mining,… Amazon Redshift and Lambda; Apache Kafka, Storm, Spark and Hadoop Map/Reduce; Oracle GoldenGate; VMware Continuent, … gazillion of offers. All this hype makes it easy …

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Services Summary

DataStork offers state-of-art software engineering for organizations of various sizes and domains. We create a craft we take pride in and form partnerships we care about. See DataStork’s market offering: DataStork-Services

Technical Matrix

Experienced engineers are those that do not head-jump on the solution with hipster next-great-thing technology approach, rather carefully evaluate the unique customer needs and apply the right technology combination for optimal results. Like an experienced craftsman, each DataStork engineer masters vast palette of tools and knows which ones to pick for the job. Get a …

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Case Study: Large Scale Software Engineering

In Cloud proportions proven software patterns become bottlenecks, suboptimal decisions become disasters. The data layer is critical in distributed Cloud systems. See how DataStork utilized its experience in game-changing enterprise projects to engineer large scale social network architecture for world-wide coverage and millions of users: DataStork Large Scale System Case Study

Case Study: BigData for Logistics Optimizations

For Logistic companies to reduce delivery times and expenses is a way to survive. Enterprise Logistics may require massive computing power and still discover the trends after days of data crunching. Learn how DataStork helped a leading Logistics-Optimization company to scale its analytics. This helped them accommodate more clients and serve faster responses to business …

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