Curation Service Build Path

Curation Project Summary A leading financial publisher needed a way to measure the performance of an AI-driven semantic document classification and information extraction pipeline from large-volume news feed. The service was developed using agile methodology over a period of one year and six months. It was delivered using a cutting edge technology stack: Java/Spring, PostgreSQL, …

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Spring Transactional Proxies

Here we will discuss the Spring wonderland of proxies and database transactions. Often we need to create Spring services that work with database transactions. First we define an interface, for example let’s take a simple UsersService like this: public interface UsersService {   …   void cleanupUsers();   … } Then implement with the known @Transactional annotation: @Service …

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Data Analytics with Zero Latency and High Precision?

Everyone is “doing analytics” these days Data Analytics is an IT buzzword. Hundreds of paradigms and solutions: change-data-capture, ETL, ELT, ingestion, staging, OLAP, data streaming, map/reduce, stream processing, data mining,… Amazon Redshift and Lambda; Apache Kafka, Storm, Spark and Hadoop Map/Reduce; Oracle GoldenGate; VMware Continuent, … gazillion of offers. All this hype makes it easy …

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