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Uber is a global peer-to-peer ridesharing and services company. DataStork is working with Uber’s senior engineers on the backbone of their financial system, ensuring it scales to meet ever-growing customer demand.

Bosch is an internationally recognised brand spanning home appliances, high-precision engineering and IoT solutions. DataStork is engaged in prototyping Cloud and IoT solutions for some of Bosch’s enterprise clients

Ontotext is a semantic technology specialist working with diverse databases and massive amounts of unstructured data. DataStork partners with Ontotext to build text mining and machine learning tools for globally recognised brands.

HeleCloud are AWS Partners who take organisations on a complete journey into the Cloud environment. DataStork partners with HeleCloud and is responsible for delivering all software layer projects.

AT&T Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate, a US and world leader in a range of telecom services. A multi-national team composed of DataStork, Bianor and AT&T engineers is working on extending AT&T’s satellite TV quality monitoring system, employing a stack of employs a stack of Java, Spring, Javascript and No/SQL.

HedgeServ is a top-ranked global independent fund administrator. DataStork delivers consultancy and technical assistance, and works alongside HedgeServ staff on projects using Java and Angular.

Hopper provides a mobile application that helps users save money when booking airfare and accommodation, massive amounts of data and advanced machine learning algorithms using. DataStork is involved in the building of the backend for an expansion of their services.

Flowers Software is a German SaaS startup, providing an intuitive, minimalistic workflow management software, which allows users to stay focused on their business goals. DataStork is helping build this brand new tool from scratch, working on both backend and frontend.

Bruno Farmaceutici is an Italian pharmaceutical company founded more than 20 years ago. DataStork is engaged in the development of a Cloud system and a smart mobile application to be used by people living with diabetes, improving their quality of life. They will provide continuous monitoring and control of blood sugar levels.

LucidLink transforms the cloud into local storage allowing the streaming of data directly to any cloud.. DataStork provides senior technical expertise for this highly innovative Cloud storage technology.

Transmetrics is a predictive optimisation specialist. DataStork has engineered high-performance Big Data services that crunch massive data volumes for global logistics providers.

O-Connect uses a Big Data decision system to drive its online retail business. Through state-of-the-art in-memory stream processing of the huge volume frequent product updates, DataStork reduced no/sell decision times by 60%.

Liane is an innovative startup disrupting the on-demand mobility, transportation and care network space. DataStork is the lead technology partner responsible for strategy and implementation throughout the stack.

Skisharki offers premium outdoor services and retail.
DataStork provides consultancy and engineering support for the business’s eCommerce presence.