Expert cloud strategy, migration and integration

We design and build scalable, high-performance software that fits perfectly with your Cloud technology stack.

DataStork helps you choose the right Cloud technologies for your needs. We help you maximise the benefit Cloud brings to your organisation by migrating applications to the Cloud or integrating Cloud services with existing systems. You get scalable, fast, secure and uninterrupted access to data and applications.

Tailored advice and quality focus


We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution so our recommended platform may be a pure Cloud environment, multi-Cloud environment or a hybrid environment involving on-premise and Cloud applications working together. DataStork is experienced in creating Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Development as a Service (DaaS) solutions in complex Cloud contexts.

DataStork advice is always vendor neutral. We have experience working with leading public Cloud platforms including Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. For some customers a private Cloud solution may be required to meet regulatory or security needs, or where there is a business imperative to maintain close control over the deployed environment. We are equally at home working with private and public Clouds.


DataStork selects best-in-breed technologies to create Cloud architectures tailored to customer needs. This might be a Cloud-enabled microservices architecture using Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, or a more abstracted Serverless model. Our breadth of experience in enterprise and SMB situations helps us identify the combinations of technologies which deliver the optimal technical and business outcome for our customers. 


At DataStork we work with all the tools you’d expect: Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Splunk, the Elk stack and others. Our engineering practices are focused on delivering high quality code. We work Agile by preference and we flexibly fit to our customers’ working practices. All our projects are developed in an open and transparent environment, with weekly reporting and frequent releases. We deploy new releases in parallel with current ones, testing rigorously to ensure frequent deployments with zero down-time, and we document rigorously to ensure seamless continuity for future developers.

We aim to deliver flexible solutions which will be adaptable as our customers’ needs continue to evolve in the future. Our Docker-based solutions enjoy instant application portability and can be distributed in a standardised and repeatable way, leaving you running more applications within the same environment. 

We help you solve problems

How do you use technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and Serverless to transform your IT into scalable services, while avoiding disruption?

DataStork has intensive experience using cutting edge technologies such as Lambda, Kubernetes, S3 and AWS to achieve linear scalability of your IT.

  • We help by building a systematic roadmap for your organisation’s journey to the Cloud.
  • We assist you in setting clear scalability targets and implement continuous system/penetration testing to ensure quality and security.
  • We keep things moving with unique rolling upgrades, meaning releases are rolled-out without downtime.

DataStork helps you prepare your software for the Cloud. We help you pick the right technologies that fit your needs. Whether serverless or microservices, we can guide you through the design of your scalable architecture. We can help you organise your components into containers and orchestrate them into the Cloud.

How do you migrate legacy applications to the Cloud successfully?

DataStork helps you identify the right mix of on and off-premise services in the marketplace to meet your needs. For example, you can keep sensitive data secure in a private on-prem database while using serverless Lambdas to scale out your operations around it. DataStork’s systematic approach to Cloud architectures ensures an optimal level of abstraction that incorporates the best-of-class Cloud technologies and vendors for your use case while avoiding vendor lock-in.

DataStork has helped many organisations successfully migrate legacy applications from in-house data centres to public Cloud providers. We have transformed legacy monolithic applications to microservice architecture deployed on K8S and have converted many non-SaaS application to Cloud-native applications.

DataStork in action

Indexing millions of scientific papers with Amazon Lambda

One of the world’s largest scientific libraries needed to implement semantic indexing to enable powerful searches by subscribers. To achieve this, DataStork built a scalable data pipeline with state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure on Amazon AWS and serverless Lambda. Millions of scientific papers were migrated to the new platform and a Cloud indexing service on ElasticSearch was implemented. In just 2.5 calendar months DataStork’s engineers were able to penetrate the complex domain of AI/NLP and deliver a fully functional AI as Cloud SaaS solution. The service now delivers tens of millions of searches per hour. The project is ongoing with more new features being requested.

Technologies used: node.js, Amazon Lambda, Cloud Formations, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Postgres JSON/LD, SCHACL, Graph DB