Cloud Software Development

Quality-focused software development services delivering exceptional results for business

Not all development partners are the same. We pride ourselves on code quality, accurate documentation and on-time/on-budget delivery. We work flexibly using Agile methods to stay responsive to changing requirements. We believe the results speak for themselves. 

Our approach

DataStork’s guiding objective is to provide the best business outcome for our customers. We focus on quality, flexibility and responsibility. 

Our quality

At DataStork we believe quality should not just be measured as a percentage test coverage. We believe quality should be understood in terms of  meaningful, business-oriented metrics such as “Defects per Million Outputs”. 

The level of the quality we guarantee our clients is comparable to that achieved by major R&D centres run by quality-focused organisations such as Microsoft and VMware. We achieve this by continuously taking complex engineering and management measures, such as full test automation, CICD, review requests, unit integration stress and upgrade testing to ensure that we only ship code that we have full confidence in.

Our process

We believe Agile is the most effective process for quality-focused software development. When we start working with you, we break the problem into parts and work in short iterations of no more than two weeks. We release often because we believe that the frequent delivery of production-ready functionalities ensures rapid time to market for the client and fast application of feedback. 

Quality is an integral part of our software development process. We analyse and systematise complex requirements using ATAM methodologies. We document our designs in an efficient, yet comprehensive way, using the industry-standard C4 model. 

We measure the quality of our outputs objectively, using the Sigma 5 scale, where we continuously achieve the highest quality. This gives us the confidence to provide the appropriate warranty for any project we deliver, according to its length of development. 

How you can hire us

DataStork’s highly skilled development teams are available to work on a project basis or as embedded resource within your organisation. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.