Engineers by heart, leaders by mission:

Doichin Yordanov CEO and Founder

Passion for efficiently solving data and scalability related problems through state-of-art engineering. Manager and technical lead at VMware and SAP, he brings 18 years of experience in game-changing IT projects.

Stefan Bumov Strategic Advisor and Board Member

Brings many years’ practical experience of consulting and outsourcing. Most recently, he was VP Operations for Eastern Europe at Teletech and CEO at the Sofica Group.

Alan Cotterell Director - UK

Formerly MD of the UK office of award-winning infrastructural software vendor Telerik (now Progress), Alan has 20 years' experience in the marketing and technology sectors.

Ivan Dachev CTO

Loves to crunch tough technical problems and to help colleagues. He brings wide and deep technical expertise in multiple IT areas such as VMware Cloud and Software-Defined-Data-Center.

DataStork is software services company formed by professionals with over 120 years of combined experience in some of the world’s most prominent tech companies.

What makes us trustworthy and highly valued by our partners is the unique combination at the core of our company – senior expertise and innovation that have high impact. We consult, share knowledge and engineer solutions that are effective, reliable and with a state-of-the-art performance at the best possible cost.

Our main driver is to provide value that goes beyond the required. We create a craft we take pride in and form partnerships we care about.