In Cloud proportions proven software patterns become bottlenecks, suboptimal decisions become disasters. The data layer is critical in distributed Cloud systems.
DataStork builds scalable Cloud systems sustaining user requests on global scale.
DataStork is the Helecloud partner, an Amazon Cloud services integrator, for data scalability issues.


DataStork builds multi-channel eCommerce solutions for world-renowned brands.
DataStork possesses highly demanded Salesforce and Demandware skills. Cross-domain AI analytics predict more accurately user behavior for increased revenue.


DataStork builds BigData and AI solutions for the Logistics and Supply/Demand industries to maximize income and reduce OPEX.
[Case study] – Transmetrics data warehouse for delivery logistics optimization.


DataStork creates natural language processing tools that extract meaning from various knowledge artifacts.
DataStork creates On-demand Mobility, Social Networking and other B2C systems for startups. From inception, and IP protection to the public release.
[Case study] – Ontotext gets a comprehensive AI text mining tool in just 2.5 months.

Recent Projects