How to Monitor VMware Infrastructure for Free

If your IaaS backbone is formed by bare-metal machines with the industry leading VMware hypervisor, you’ve probably made this choice for a good reason – efficiency. When talking scale with massive I/O, CPU and/or memory loads, the public Cloud/SaaS offerings such as AWS Lambda are still far away from the classic bare-metal model, which yields much higher performance in a controlled and…

Curation Service Build Path

Curation Project Summary

A leading financial publisher needed a way to measure the performance of an AI-driven semantic document classification and information extraction pipeline from large-volume news feed.

The service was developed using agile methodology over a period of one year and six months. It was delivered using a cutting edge technology stack: Java/Spring, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, REST API for the back-end…

DataStork to Partner with HedgeServ in November



We are happy to announce that this month we’re adding yet another partner to the list of companies who have trusted our engineering expertise. HedgeServ is a top-ranked global, independent fund administrator, servicing more than $350 billion of assets across 200 client relationships. They have 14 offices in 8 different countries and have received #1 rankings in Fund Accounting, Reporting & Reporting…

Another Exciting New Partnership from October



We have the pleasure to announce that from the 1st of October DataStork added Uber Technologies Inc. to its ever-growing list of partners. Uber, a global peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, and transportation network company (TNC) headquartered in San Francisco, California, has chosen DataStork as the first Bulgarian company to provide external expertise for its R&D Software Development office in…

A New DataStork Partner



We are proud to announce a new and exciting partnership! Bosch Software Innovations, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, the world leading, multinational engineering and electronics company with German origins, will be working closely with teams of DataStork engineers. This new partnership will see us working with the existing Bosch IoT systems to build highly-customised software solutions, meeting the needs of some…

How to Configure Applications Running on Virtual Machines



Using docker containers is now a standard for deploying and managing applications. With them, transfering a particular configuration or startup parameters to an application is practically trivial. But what if your app is running on a Virtual Machine? How do you pass arguments to it, if it is running on a VM’s guest OS? There are still many apps out there that…

VMware Cloud on AWS – A Bridge Between Private and Public Cloud

What are Hybrid Clouds?

In an IT world realigning around the Cloud, hybrid infrastructures or “Hybrid Clouds” are a way for companies to tap into the potential of both private and public infrastructures and get the best of both worlds – security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. They allow companies to share the computing workload of their data centres with public Clouds, run by a…

Powerful avoid-that-employer sign?

There are so many formal characteristics to consider when choosing a new employer: The development opportunities, the team, the boss, the processes, the location, remote work, growth plans and stability… oh, yes and the financial part of course, but this write-up is not for those that are ready to sacrifice their dream job for a larger check.

There are also soft characteristics to watch for:…

Spring Transactional Proxies

Here we will discuss the Spring wonderland of proxies and database transactions.

Often we need to create Spring services that work with database transactions. First we define an interface, for example let’s take a simple UsersService like this:

public interface UsersService {

  void cleanupUsers();


Then implement with the known @Transactional annotation:

public class UsersServiceImpl implements UsersService {

  public void cleanupUsers() {