How do you use technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and Serverless to transform your IT into scalable services, while avoiding disruption?

DataStork has intensive experience using cutting edge technologies such as Lambda, Kubernetes, S3 and AWS to achieve linear scalability of your IT. We help by building a systematic roadmap for your organisation’s journey to the Cloud. We assist you in setting clear scalability targets and implement continuous system/penetration testing to ensure quality and security. We keep things moving with unique rolling upgrades, meaning releases are rolled-out without downtime.

DataStork helps you prepare your software for the Cloud. We help you pick the right technologies that fit your needs. Whether serverless or microservices, we can guide you through the design of your scalable architecture. We can help you organise your components into containers and orchestrate them into the Cloud.

DataStork in action

One of the world’s largest scientific libraries needed to implement semantic indexing to enable powerful searches by subscribers. To achieve this, DataStork built a scalable data pipeline with state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure on Amazon AWS and serverless Lambda. Millions of scientific papers were migrated to the new platform and a Cloud indexing service on ElasticSearch was implemented. In just 2.5 calendar months DataStork’s engineers were able to penetrate the complex domain of AI/NLP and deliver a fully functional AI as Cloud SaaS solution. The service now delivers tens of millions of searches per hour. The project is ongoing with more new features being requested.

Technologies used: node.js, Amazon Lambda, Cloud Formations, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Postgres JSON/LD, SCHACL, Graph DB

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