How do you know the quality of your software changes?

DataStork helps you build CI/CD pipelines and automate the provisioning of infrastructure services. We help you manage your entire infrastructure using code (Infrastructure as code). IaC based on Terraform, for example, will give you visibility and traceability of the changes you make on the infrastructure. Using code you will be able to create/update/patch your Kubernetes clusters or infrastructure services such as Jenkins, Gerrit, GoCD, ReviewBoard or other services of your choice.

How do you achieve observability of your infrastructure and software services?

DataStork helps you choose and integrate monitoring tools so that you can easily identify problems and failures in advance. Using industry standard log collection protocols and tools we can embrace a seemingly unmanageable volume of system messages into single view dashboards that give you control of your infrastructure state. DataStork helps you automate the remediation of your infrastructure when that is possible.

DataStork in action

Ontotext, a big document-processing and data-analysing company wanted to transition from a slow on-prem deployment model to a scalable 24/7 Cloud model. The challenge here was to find a way to transform the existing deployment procedures, which were relatively well automated, to something that can deploy on a daily basis in AWS cloud.

DataStork helped Ontotext achieve this transformation with expertise and guidance in areas such as Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins and the containerisation of existing applications. In just one month we automated the provisioning of a Kubernetes cluster in AWS using Terraform and the deployment of Ontotext’s reference application, which consists of 16 services. We built an automated process which was able to update or deploy the reference app from scratch in under 10 minutes.

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