Efficiency, predictability, quality

  • Consultation to identify the problem and return you an optimal solution plan with cost estimate.
  • Requirements driven process guarantees that you are in control from the first day to the final delivery.
  • Lean development with regular releases for early feedback and rapid time-to-market.
  • Efficient speed with large palette of programming and deployment tools.
  • Top quality releases through detailed code reviews, continuous quality assurance and clear acceptance criteria.
  • No vendor lock with crisp documentation and training.


  • 50% to 100% more features per iteration than the average industry speed.
  • 100 times less defects than the average industry delivery.
  • Software process awarded by VMware for the outstanding Sigma 5 quality.
  • Quality software? No prepaid support packages, DataStork software comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Case study – Ontotext got a comprehensive AI text mining tool in just 2.5 months.
  • Technical Matrix – See detailed list of the technologies we master.

Team extension

Boost your engineering.

  • DataStork engineers and managers got their experience in the world top tech. companies like VMware, SAP or Uber.
  • Integrated seemingly into your company process and organization, on-site or remotely.


Delegate your software tasks to efficient professionals centered around your success.

  • You are in control: DataStork’s SLA ensures that you pay only for the estimated costs and quality. Weekly production-ready deliveries with live demos.
  • All-inclusive: dedicated engagement manager, 24/7 progress tracking, daily sync-ups, transfer-of-information and post-deployment warranty.
  • Cut costs by DataStork’s provided infrastructure, from hardware and computing resources to software development tools.

Sourcing and Nearshoring to Bulgaria?

  • Bulgaria was the Silicon Valley of the former Eastern bloc. It has outstanding traditions in computer science.
  • Bulgaria IT pros are top contributors at Stackoverflow according the latter. Bulgarian youths are medalists in all math. Olympics.
  • Since 2007 Bulgaria is part of the European Union which ensures stable law, clear financial frame and a western mindset of commitment and delivery.
  • Bulgaria is a 2 hours flight away from the largest European cities, still maintaining lowest EU IT rates.
  • Bulgaria is an ancient state, founded back in the 6-th century on crossroad between Asia and Europe, Bulgarians are cultural and language polyglots.

Everybody does BigData nowadays, or do they?

  • Why should I wait for hours to get answers to my queries?
  • Why my online transactions slowed down after we introduced analytics?
  • How to import millions of records for analysis without crashing my database?

Grow big by being intelligent about your data

  • Our clients don’t ask painful questions, we just know how to play the physics of large data processing.
  • Our state-of-art BigData solutions have no latencies, you get instant answers to business critical questions.
  • We use the right combination from the myriad of technologies to meet seemingly impossible requirements.


  • Our engineers do BigData for the last 20 years. We train leading companies how to defy the BigData physics.
  • DataStork is pioneer in the zero latency stream analytics.
  • DataStork is early adopter of the Polyglot Persistence paradigm.


  • Case study – Transmetrics data warehouse for delivery logistics optimization.
  • White Paper – Zero latency BigData with stream analytics


  • Speed of reaction – IoT often has mission-critical application;
  • Scalability of the Cloud – it needs to accommodate data for millions of devices with activity levels varying in bursts;
  • Connection between the Edge and the Cloud is unreliable – the Edge needs to be built in such a way that it can handle network insufficiencies;
  • When updating configuration information it needs to be transferred across all Edge Gateways with minimal downtime.

Speed of reaction

  • The key to a speedy reaction is having efficient stream processing and analysis on the Edge, as close to the relevant devices as possible;
  • DataStork engineers employ tools such as AWS IoT Core, Apache Spark and Kafka to efficiently stream and rapidly analyse massive streams of data.

Scalability of the Cloud

  • The DataStork team has experience in building highly-distributed, serverless architectures with linear scaling capabilities;
  • Distributed persistence solutions are used to store and analyse the data processed in the Cloud.

Reliability and minimal downtime of Edge Gateways

  • DataStork uses state-of-the-art IoT solutions (such as AWS Greengrass) to enhance the reliability of Cloud-Edge communication and provide automatic updates of Edge software with minimal downtime.
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