How do you cherry-pick the Cloud technologies that fit best with your requirements?

DataStork helps you identify the right mix of on and off-premise services in the marketplace to meet your needs. For example, you can keep sensitive data secure in a private on-prem database while using serverless Lambdas to scale out your operations around it. DataStork’s systematic approach to Cloud architectures ensures an optimal level of abstraction that incorporates the best-of-class Cloud technologies and vendors for your use case while avoiding vendor lock-in.

How do you migrate legacy applications to the Cloud successfully?

DataStork has helped many organisations successfully migrate legacy applications from in-house data centres to public Cloud providers. We have transformed legacy monolithic applications to microservice architecture deployed on K8S and have converted many non-SaaS application to Cloud-native applications.

How does DataStork help with IoT?

DataStork has extensive experience with IoT projects. In a typical project you may need to collect vast amounts of data from disparate sensors and rapidly analyse it. To meet this challenge, DataStork creates architectures which balance the storage of the data closer to the devices by using Edge storage solutions and stream analytics so that key characteristics are immediately available, while heavier analysis and summary is aggregated in the Cloud layer.

DataStork in action

The world’s largest financial publisher needed a way to integrate AI-driven semantic document classification to its high volume newsfeed. DataStork helped develop the product over 18 months, delivering a cutting edge technology stack: Java/Spring, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, REST API for the backend and an Angular2 web app for the front-end. The engineering infrastructure was built with Jenkins and Docker, and deployed in the Cloud. The solution is now in production processing hundreds of thousands of documents with millions of annotations on a daily basis in a number of big financial and pharmacy companies.

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