Migrated to the Cloud and still spending on IT management?

Replacement of legacy infrastructure with the Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service is just the first step:

  • Cloud means scale: more customers, many more requests, drastically more IT provisioning requests.
  • Your IT department can’t cope with the Cloud load?
  • You are hesitant to outsource your IT backbone to third-party admin provider?

Automate the Scale

  • DataStork engineers created the golden standard of Virtualization and IaaS management solutions.
  • We know how to use the industry-standard tools that we created to automate your Cloud ops.
  • VMware vSphere and vRealize Operations, Amazon EC2 automation API, Docker Containers and Management.

Facts and Resources

  • DataStork consults Helecloud on automation of Docker Containers lifecycle.
  • Technical Matrix – See detailed list of the technologies we master.

Connect your data lakes into coherent Digital Ocean

  • Connect diverse data sources in consistent and zero latency data-flows.
  • Large scale Extra-Transform-Load operations.
  • Efficient data retrieval and search APIs.
  • Build and integrate Analytical Stores and Data Marts.


  • Our engineers do BigData for the last 20 years.
  • DataStork is pioneer in the zero latency stream analytics.
  • DataStork is early adopter of the Polyglot Persistence paradigm.


Large systems, massive diagnostic data

  • The amount is so overwhelming that it can slow down or block your primary business operations.
  • The variety and vastness of log messages are hard to impossible for humans to monitor or troubleshoot.
  • Even trained engineers can not proactively diagnose and avoid evolving problem in time.

Don’t React, Pre-act

  • DataStork builds solutions that are able to collect efficiently and live-stream diagnostics data for analysis.
  • An AI and rule-based system analyzes live streams and instantly notify you about evolving problems.
  • You have the time to act in advance and avoid potential failures and IT downtime.
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