The Cloud potential for increasing revenue is unarguable: global exposure, 24/7 availability and rapid time-to-market. In Cloud proportions however proven software patterns become bottlenecks, suboptimal decisions become disasters.

The Cloud – opportunity or risk?

  • Faulty release is instantly globally available and can ruin your company’s image.
  • Global exposure, means immense IT load, e.g. huge amount of user requests to be served.
  • Downtime is purely not an option.
  • Is your data fully secured in the Cloud?

How it works?

DataStork provides systematic plan for gradually turning your IT into scalable services in non-disruptive way:

  1. Free consultation to identify the issue, analyze it and provide solution plan with estimated costs.
  2. We help you set clear scalability targets, such as the number of total and concurrent users.
  3. Continuous extensive penetration and system testing ensures quality and security.
  4. Releases are rolled-out without downtime through unique rolling upgrades.

Facts and Resources:

  • DataStork engineers are recognized in game-changing Cloud/SaaS projects: VMware’s Cloud and Uber’s Mobility.
  • DataStork is consulting Helecloud, an Amazon Cloud service provider, on data scalability issues.
  • Data Protection and GDPR shouldn’t be a burden, but an opportunity to differentiate your business.
  • There is a smart way to protect your customers data even without the costly, heavy we-do-it-all vendors.
  • DataStork carefully blends established and cutting-edge technologies for state-of-art data protection at optimal cost: FPE, SSE, client-side encryption…
  • Be on the safe side: DataStork uses BigData and Artificial Intelligence to identify unprotected sensitive data

Responsive, intuitive and good looking: Web and Mobile clients are the key to a large and loyal client base.

Write once to cover Web and Mobile with Hybrid front-end; or Native App with optimal rendering and offline capabilities? We carefully weight your requirements and offer you well explained options to choose from.

From UX to state-of-art single-page dynamic front-ends with React or Angular, our front-end engineers gained their experience while developing the Uber and VMware web and mobile services.

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