How do you get the most out of VMware Cloud and SDDC infrastructure?

DataStork has deep insider knowledge of the VMware stack. Our leadership team boasts a combined 50 years as senior engineers/tech leads at VMware’s European R&D HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria and many of our engineers share our VMware heritage. Our customers often already have advanced VMware knowledge on board. Our unique internal know-how enables us to complement your team’s skill sets. Working together, we help customers set up, tune and automate VMware infrastructure for maximum efficiency. NSX, SDDC or VCF – our insider’s eye view means we can help you integrate any part of the VMware stack seamlessly with your processes and systems.

How do you scale your on-premises workloads in the public Cloud while retaining security and reliability?

As experienced Cloud architects we know that the path from the well-defined secure private Cloud to the public Cloud is full of pitfalls. We help you ask the right questions and offer the most optimal way to scale-out your IT by embracing the Hybrid or Public Cloud model. As VMware native speakers we can help you achieve painless workload migrations to Amazon AWS and other compatible Cloud providers. We offer a systematic approach to adapting and re-architecturing your IT workloads for the Cloud landscape.

DataStork in action

DataStork helps customers improve the reliability and observability of existing VMware infrastructure by automating everyday data center tasks. For example, we help customers gain operational intelligence in private and hybrid cloud environments by implementing vRealize Log Insight log management and analytics to structure unstructured log data, enabling rapid troubleshooting without the need for prior data knowledge. This allows customers to achieve higher uptime SLAs and meet regulatory requirements while improving IT staff efficiency and decreasing the time needed to resolve data centre issues.

DataStork is a registered VMware partner.
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