Transmetrics is a predictive optimisation company for cargo transport and logistics service providers. DataStork is responsible for engineering high-performance BigData services that crunch massive data volumes for critical business decisions.


HeleCloud are AWS Partners who take organisations on a complete journey into the Cloud environment. DataStork is responsible for delivering all software-related projects.


LucidLink transforms the cloud into local storage. DataStork provides senior technical expertise for this highly innovative Cloud storage technology.


BigData driven decision system for reselling products on Amazon.

Through state-of-the-art in-memory stream processing of the huge volume frequent product updates, DataStork dropped down the time for a no/sell decision by 60%.

OA Digital

Intelligent office automation for large office spaces, including WeWork

The AI-powered OA automation connected to building management systems adds individualized human-centric preferences, productivity acceleration and environmental friendliness.

Altera group

Next Generation of Social Networking.
AlteraGroup has trusted DataStork for end-to-end IT service – incl. IT strategy, international IP protection, requirements systematization, planning, development, deployment and support.