Advantage in times of crisis with optimal online systems

Serve more requests with less resource. We help you scale your online business through software and infrastructure optimization.

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How it works? Optimization Overview and Case Study

DataStork is thrusted by the companies with largest workloads to scale their software: Uber, NHS, HegdeServe. We are helping businesses affected by the Covid recession to optimize their software for massive surge in online activity.

We help you gain advantage

How do you get the most out of your online systems?

DataStork speaks Cloud native IT and has experience in optimizing both public and private infrastructures. The highest gains however are usually within the software itself. 

DataStork employs its know-how in building the worlds most scalable systems for systemizing your performance problems and goals, analyzing your software architecture and resolving the bottlenecks. We deliver optimizations in small rapid iterations with quality ensured through automated tests and objectively measured performance gain against pre-measured baseline.

In our practice, 4 weeks of software optimization yield 40 times less computing resources, 10 times faster responses and eliminated costly downtimes. 

Is your business affected by the Covid recession?

We believe that in hard times our society needs empathy and solidarity. 

DataStork decided to provide its top experts to affected businesses for free-of-charge consultations and performance optimization workshop. You pay 5% of the gains from decreased resource consumption and increased capacity. 20% of our profits go directly to a medical institution of your choice.