DataStork to Partner with HedgeServ in November



We are happy to announce that this month we’re adding yet another partner to the list of companies who have trusted our engineering expertise. HedgeServ is a top-ranked global, independent fund administrator, servicing more than $350 billion of assets across 200 client relationships. They have 14 offices in 8 different countries and have received #1 rankings in Fund Accounting, Reporting & Reporting Technology, Client Service, Investor Services, Hedge Fund Expertise and Regulatory Expertise.

DataStork specialists went in as software development consultants back in September, seeking to aid HedgeServ engineers with upgrading one of the company’s core products – software used to manage investor activity for alternative investment funds. Our team reviewed appropriate technologies and practices with the HedgeServ engineering team and validated the new software architecture and design to deliver a state-of-the-art application over a CI/CD pipeline.

Having found the input invaluable, HedgeServ sought to build a more permanent partnership. We are happy to have been given the opportunity to provide additional consultancy, tech partnership and mentoring with the challenge at hand: ensuring HedgeServ’s software is enhanced in the most effective way, ensuring its future scalability.

Another Exciting New Partnership from October



We have the pleasure to announce that from the 1st of October DataStork added Uber Technologies Inc. to its ever-growing list of partners. Uber, a global peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, and transportation network company (TNC) headquartered in San Francisco, California, has chosen DataStork as the first Bulgarian company to provide external expertise for its R&D Software Development office in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are proud to take on this responsibility and the thrilling challenges that come with it.

The partnership will see DataStork engineers working on a number of exciting core projects alongside Uber staff, solving complex software problems and developing the company’s backbone systems on an ongoing, long-term basis. Millions of customers turn to Uber’s services daily and with the new Uber Eats and Uber Freights the number is expected to cross the billion mark. This means that the foundation of its IT offering needs to scale to meet the demand and will require some truly innovative and inspired engineering. This is where DataStork’s specialists with their knowledge on scalable software come in. Some of our most senior staff members are already eagerly sinking their teeth, getting acquainted with the client domain and specifics.

We’re looking forward to a productive and exciting partnership ahead!

A New DataStork Partner



We are proud to announce a new and exciting partnership! Bosch Software Innovations, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, the world leading, multinational engineering and electronics company with German origins, will be working closely with teams of DataStork engineers. This new partnership will see us working with the existing Bosch IoT systems to build highly-customised software solutions, meeting the needs of some of Bosch’s largest and most important enterprise clients. We’re happy to have earned our new partner’s trust and look forward to a productive and long-term relationship.

The first project is expected to start in the next one to two months with some of our senior staff members already discussing requirements and opportunities. Stay tuned for exciting news on this front.